About IPD


According to UNWTO, Medical Tourism is the travel of
people to another country for the purpose of obtaining
medical treatment in the country.
Therefore, a medical tourist can use medical services of
the destination by traveling from his home town to gain
physical and / or mental health .
So, Mehr Hospital International Patient Department ( IPD )
, has started working seriously to provide medical tourism
services to foreign patients since 2014.
This department is as a window to communicate hospital
with foreign patient from the first contact to receiving
treatment services and followups.
Duties and functions of this department is as follows:
1.  Answering to patient by phone, Email or receiving
inquiry by hospital website.
2.  Coordinating with health tourism provider and all
patient’s responsible department  ( such as reception
, operating  rooms , hospitalization wards, CCU, ICU,
OHICU, discharge ,… ) to facilate diagnosis and treatment
3.  Estimating approximate traetment cost and informing
patient or health tourism company provider before  the
4.  Communicating and negotiating with health  tourism
privider companies based on an authentic contract.
Accordingly, Mehr hospital has renewed some rooms to
provide VIP services  in which they offer different services
compared to routine services in the hospital.